Before moving to LA to pursue a career in TV and film, Marza was professionally  pretentious (read: theatre school dropout turned stage actor). Favorite past roles include Vanda (Venus in Fur), Eliza Doolittle (My Fair Lady), originating the role of Isabel in the new musical The Lightning Howler by poet Derrick C. Brown & classical pianist Amanda Rafkin and, like, a handful of Shakespeare. Her film work has been featured at film festivals across the country, including starring turns in the psychological thriller Pinned and the quirky dramedies Seahorse and I Love Your Cosplay.


Obsessed with the surreal world of new media, she often creates work exploring the ways we interact with online content. From her darkly satirical web series Marza vs the Internet to her experimental investigative podcast Bailey Was Cursed by a Witch, she loves producing, writing and performing in work that engages with our increasingly digital lives.


Marza resides in Los Angeles with her exquisite, radiant houseplants and a modest assortment of mismatched furniture. She cohabitates with one small animal who is, for legal reasons, a dog.


Contact by email at marzawarsinske@gmail.com


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